COZOY HERA Dynamic Driver High Fidelity Audiophile IEMs (In Ear Monitors)

COZOY HERA Dynamic Driver High Fidelity Audiophile IEMs (In Ear Monitors)

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The Hera is manufactured with a processing lathe + CNC precision machining, with extraordinary acoustic structural design, so that the ordinary speaker driver's backward shell is crafted. Carved out of the single billet of aluminum and then the second oxidation treatment gives the Hera its unique metal finish. It is then fine polished and metallic red artistic patterns are added. 

Wire around the channel line imported copper crystal + Teflon skin, make the sound more full, low-frequency flexibility better, Teflon anti high temperature, anti-aging ability, and better ensure the life of wire; wire use copper silver-plated, so that the sound field is wider, high-frequency ductility better, better resolution. Imported speaker driver diaphragm, high sensitivity and low resistance, the phone will be able to drive very well, if the high-end player, decoding amp, enhance significantly, the effect is better.

Hera's single dynamic driver features ultra-wideband duo-layer membranes for effortless playback of your music with precise definition and resolution, bringing detail and dynamics back to your music. 

The Finely milled acoustic chamber is designed to minimize resonance and enhances internal reflection qualities. You will not only find deep controlled bass, but a dark background, superb soundstage, and high frequencies that are not only extended, but smooth and silky, thus contributing to a refined, natural and immersive listening experience.

Hera adapts a high quality oxygen-free silver plated copper cable, enhancing signal qualities and lowering distortion. The cable is strengthened by Kevlar fiber, which greatly improves reliability while being tangle-free and wear-resistant.

For an added touch of class, the Hera includes a high quality, all leather carrying case for good protection and safe storage of your Hera Earphones, 

Driver unlt: φ9.2mm Dynamic
Sensitivity:103±3dB @ Ik Hz 0.126v
Frequency response:10Hz to 20kHz
Rated Power:2mW
Cord: L=1.2m
Plug:3.5mm Gold-plated
3 pairs of silicone eartips